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The way we all approach events in 2020 has changed, and the way we think about events may have changed for years to come.


Virtual events will for the foreseeable future be the way we communicate with large groups of people.


With every day that passes we are all becoming more accustomed to working and interacting in a virtual environments, Although none of this was something we had planned for Covid19 pushed producing and running virtual events to the very top of the event industry agenda.


We can offer all our usual services to assist you in producing your virtual events. From helping you select the most suitable platform for your needs, event customisation of the platform, content management and creation for your event, presenter management and assistance and creative production management to pull everything together on your behalf.


We will build the bridge between your vision for an event to the successful delivery of it in a virtual environment.


Case studies are few and far between currently, as the event industry is only just reappearing form an enforced slumber. But we are currently working on several virtual projects, which we hope to share with you soon.


The PPA were the very first of our clients to embrace virtual events, and we delivered the first Virtual
PPA Awards on the 30 June 2020.



Virtual Conferences, Virtual Exhibitions & Virtual Awards


Let us look at all the reasons why this is an opportunity and not a problem to be fixed

Virtual events can do things that were simply never considered previously

  • Unlimited Audience size (we are no longer limited to the size of the available room)
  • The start time of the event can be optimised match differing time zones & the consumption patterns of delegates
  • The great experience you are delivering can be shared by the viewers with their colleagues instantly
  • We can engineer huge value into sponsor packages ensuring their message is distilled and delivered at the point of  maximum effect.
  • The audience can interact with each other and the cast in a way that is not possible in a traditional event.
  • We can build audience engagement into the DNA of the event just by deploying some simple but existing interactivity platforms and then using them effectively.
  • Your event can me multi-channel going truly live and as a video that is later shared on demand or on platforms  such as YouTube, Facebook and other social platforms.
  • No real venue means no venue or catering costs, this is usually a very large cost item.

Live streaming of Virtual Events

Presentations, Conferences & Awards

Meet Simon, he is one of our freelance TriCast operators who is an expert in live streaming and live vision mixing. He has been working with us to produce an affordable solution that will allow us to deliver Virtual Presentations, Conferences & even Awards during these unusual times


Please have a listen to what he has to say and watch the video he has produced, hopefully it will inspire you to consider producing your next event in 2020 as a virtual event.

Creating a virtual event is a simple 2 part process

Step 1 Pre Event Production

Pre-production can include:-

• Creation or amending presenter slides,

• Creation of show ready PowerPoint deck.

• Creation of sponsor logo loops and sponsor content

• Creation of title bars and other onscreen

   graphics or images.

• Setting up the assets in the system that will be

   used on the event

• Pre-production virtual meetings and calls

• Creating the event agenda & scripts





Step 2 Streaming of the event

Streaming includes:-

• NewTek TriCaster

• Up to 6 x remote Skype callers

• NewTek TalkShow VS400

• Graphics Machine

• Vision mixer / operator





Virtual Event Top Tips click here


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