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PPA Independent Publishers Awards and Conference

This awards ceremony was shot at the White Space studio in Colchester and hosted by Owen Meredith & Caroline Cronin. In this Covid secure space the green screen shoot was conducted with just the hosts, the cameraman and the producer.

Once the shoot was complete latterly everything was put in afterwards. The virtual background, the graphics, the pre-recorded video inserts from sponsors and winners and the voice over were added in Pre-production.

This mainly pre-recorded event had a live twist and that was two of the categories had live nominees and winners joining the live event by zoom and interacting with the hosts.

So the whole show was streamed live, with the pre-recorded segments seamlessly joining with the live sections so the audience was unaware that any of the show was pre-recorded.

This offered the organiser the security and peace of mind of a mainly pre-recorded program, with the live interaction that was required to make the event engaging.

The Show was streamed live into the organisers event web portal.

This proved to be a very cost-effective and secure way to produce an interactive online awards


The IPN conference went out a week after the awards


Our studio pre-recorded all of the content for this even. Then the content was used to populate the clients contracted event platform. This is a service that we have provided for a number of our clients. The audience was unaware of the canned nature of the content as it seamlessly blended with live networking sessions.