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Opera Software Exhibition Stand

White Space has been designing and building exhibition stands for Opera since 2006, delivering a diverse range of innovative designs whilst maintaining a high-profile and sustainable link to the brand itself. This Case Study illustrates a prime example of a sustained client relationship and creative affinity to a single brand, whilst continuing to deliver new and refreshing ideas.


The examples shown delivered a multi level floor space, divided into zones. Consisting of a product demonstration area, casual and formal meeting spaces, a server room for distributing data and high speed internet to all areas of the stand, some stood at an impressive 5 metres tall. One stand incorporated a huge red laminated ribbon (iconic image) sweeping over the entire length of the 9 metre wide stand before meeting the supporting wall and becoming part of the raised meeting room platform. The ‘red ribbon’ theme in this instance is an example of maintaining iconic brand recognition within an evolving design, without compromising the brand itself. White Space’s ability to incorporate it as a recognisable yet different ingredient, year on year, evidences the creativity that White Space includes in its armoury.