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Hot Wheels UK Legends Tour 2021

This event was live streamed from the private workshop of TV presenter Mike Brewer of Wheeler Dealers fame.

This event was a collaboration between HotWheels, Car Throttle & Smith Toys. the Hot Wheels Legends Tour is a worldwide competition spanning 11 countries and five continents, making it the world’s largest international travelling car show. Thousands of builds were submitted to compete in a series which began in April 2021.

Alex Kersten of Car Throttle was joined by automotive design legend Ian Callum, automotive photographer Amy Shore and YouTube & podcaster Sam Fane. In an X Factor style competition the  judges reviewed video shorts of all the vehicles in the final and past comments on them before finally scoring all the cars to decide upon a winner.

Across all the social media platforms that this event was shared across it has been viewed by hundreds of thousands of unique viewers.