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OBN - Bio Trinity Hybrid Conference

The conference brought together 200 live delegates (in a venue that would normally accommodate 500) and 400+ remote delegates viewing the live streams on the custom event platform.

This fully hybrid conference for OBN, with two sessions running concurrently for both days, had over 120 presenters of which around 60% attended virtually.


Both live and remote delegates could interact and take part in networking sessions, meetings interact with exhibitors. The platform was live for the two days of the event and then all the content generated during the event remained on the platform for a further 2 weeks for on demand viewing by all delegates.


The live sessions which consisted of keynotes, Industry insights and panel discussions, were made up of both live and virtual presenters. Often we had both live and virtual presenters on stage at the same time interacting with each other. These sessions were being viewed live by both the online audience and the delegates at the venue.


In the venue there were exhibition stands, meeting tables, private meeting rooms, two auditoriums, academic poster presentations, meet the sponsor and networking sessions. All of these areas and interactions were mirror on the platform. So if your were attending the event in person or virtually the experience was very much the same.


The “BioLaunchpad” presentation theatre brought over 70 start-ups together to deliver a series of 5 minute elevator pitch style presentations. Around half the presentations were delivered in person in the room and the others all live via a virtual links. The experience for audience in the room and on line was the essentially the same.